Natural Attractions in the Westfjords

High mountains, beautiful beaches and colourful sandy creeks; Mother Nature provides the wonders; rich flora and fauna makes the area even more memorable. You are in the footsteps of Viking Flóki, Iceland’s name giver. You enjoy the unique birdlife, magnificent unspoiled nature and nature´s tranquility, the real „sound of silence“.



Látrabjarg is Europe’s largest bird cliff, 14 km long and up to 440m high, and the largest seabird colony in the Northern Atlantic. Furthermore it marks the Western-most point of Europe.

It is claimed to be the best place in the world to photograph puffins and many other seabirds making their inhabitations in the cliffs.

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Red coloured beach in beautiful settings of black cliffs and blue ocean, with impressive diversity of wonderful and unspoiled nature, one of Iceland‘s best kept secrets.

You will enjoy the magnificent pristine beauty, stillness and tranquillity combined with diverse flora. Seals are often seen relaxing on the beach with their pups.

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White beaches and beautiful creeks

white beaches

The area of Southern Westfjords is characterized by white sandy beaches, so unique in Iceland. With the Atlantic Ocean meeting the white sandy shores, the sea turns into an incredible turquoise blue colour, resembling those found only in the Caribbean.

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The great waterfall Dynjandi is the largest waterfall in the Westfjords, 100 meters high and widely considered the most beautiful and photogenic waterfall in Iceland.

A hiking path leads up to the central gorge of the waterfall, allowing visitors to come close enough to touch the water as it tumbles down into the depths.

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